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What is Pageperi?

Pageperi is a super fast photo & videos uploader for Facebook Pages. If you manage Facebook pages, run an e-commerce business on your Facebook page or run flash sales on your Facebook pages, then Pageperi is for you. With Pageperi, you simply choose all the folders on your computer where your photos are, authenticate your Facebook account, define destination Page you want to upload to then relax as Pageperi does the rest.

Do I have to upload manually every time I have new photos?

No, if you add new photos to folders & sub-folders connected to Pageperi, then Pageperi keeps tracking for new items in those folders and automatically uploads them without any input from you. It's truly automatic.

How do I connect my Facebook account?

Authenticating your Facebook account in the Pageperi is a 10-second process - simple click the Login with Facebook button and you are taken to the Facebook page where you allow and authenticate Pageperi to backup to your Facebook Pages.

Will Pageperi rename folders at the Facebook page if I do so on my system?

If you change or rename the photo folder after you have uploaded them to the Facebook page, Pageperi will not change anything on your Facebook page. They remain as it is. However, if you rename folders before uploading them to your Facebook page, Pageperi will create the same folder on the page as you associate.

Why should I use Pageperi?

If you manage a Facebook Page, you face a lot of challenges today in bulk uploading images to your Facebook Page including the 200 photos per batch upload limit, having to manually upload photos folder by folder, having to create album names, having to write captions after uploads are done, losing track of uploads leading to duplicates and a lot more. With Pageperi, you get an automatic photo video uploader for your Facebook Page which

  • Bulk uploads all photos and videos without any limits
  • Automatically tracks & uploads new items in all connected folders
  • Allows you to caption photos before upload and retains those captions for future uploads, and a lot more.

Does Pageperi cause duplicates?

No. On the contrary, Pageperi prevents duplicate photos from being uploaded and keeps your Facebook Pages clean.

Can I add photo caption as I upload to a Facebook page?

Yes, with Pageperi you can add a caption to each and every photo that is there in the associated folder.

Is Pageperi Facebook page uploader Free?

Pageperi is FREE to start and you get access to all the important features. You can then upgrade to Business Edition for unlimited uploads at a faster speed. You can see a comparison of all plans here.

Can I schedule uploads to Facebook pages?

Yes, Pageperi allows you to schedule your upload as needed. You can change this from the Facebook page Uploader application interface.

Can I restart my computer during upload? What will happen to my uploads in the process?

Yes, you can shut down your computer and restart as necessary without affecting the uploads. The Facebook page Uploader detects it and pauses the uploads and resumes from where it left last time, so there is no loss of information or duplicate photo uploads.

Will I have to connect & upload from a folder every time new photos are added or changed?

Pageperi is automatic - it checks for new photos in all connected folders and sub-folders every 30 mins and automatically starts the upload so you don’t have to do anything. You have the ability to change this time interval setting in Windows version from the application interface.

Do Pageperi Facebook page Uploader upload folders and sub-folders automatically?

Yes, Facebook page Uploader automatically picks up all sub-folders from the connected folders and uploads photos/videos from all folders and sub-folders.

I am a bit worried sharing my Facebook page and other account information with Pageperi.

Pageperi Facebook page uploader uses OAuth to authenticate your Facebook account. OAuth is the standard and prescribed way to authenticate any third party software without sharing your actual username and password. So, you need not worry about it. In addition to OAuth, our software is 'Code Signed' which means it can't be tampered with. Lastly, we use HTTPS for server interactions.

What about my privacy? Do you keep my Facebook photos on your servers?

We are fully committed to privacy. Pageperi doesn’t keep or store any of your photos or videos on our servers, at all - in fact, the photos are directly uploaded from your computer to your Facebook page without touching the Pageperi servers.

Is Pageperi resource hungry? Can I work on my computer while photo upload is going on?

Pageperi Facebook page Uploader is designed to consume very little resources on your computer so it can run in the background and you can continue to work on whatever you need.

Are the uploaded photos & videos public or private?

All photos and videos uploaded by Pageperi are marked PUBLIC by default.

What will happen if I delete or rename some of the folders on Facebook page?

Pageperi will not make any changes to the folders on your system. If you delete or rename some of the folders/albums on the Facebook page, the folders on your PC remain as it is.

Can I use Pageperi to upload photos/videos to personal Facebook account as well?

No. Pageperi allows you to upload photos and/or videos only to the pages you manage and not to your personal account.

Can I upload to an existing album which is named differently than the folder on my computer?

Yes, you can do that with Pageperi. Within the application interface, you are given an option to select an existing album where you want to upload to.

How do I choose photos & videos to upload to Facebook Pages?

To backup photos and videos to Facebook Pages, you can choose one or more folders with the Choose Folder button. Pageperi bulk uploads all the photos and videos from the connected folders as well as their sub-folders. When you create new folders with photos, you can connect them also - Pageperi keeps scanning all connected folders for new photos and videos and automatically backs them up.

Where does Pageperi upload the associated folder?

Pageperi uploads the associated folder on the page you select. By default, Pageperi creates a new album with the same name as that of the folder. And if you wish to upload it to an existing album, simply select the album from the dropdown list and Pageperi will upload it to the specified album.

How can I contact the customer support team?

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, and most queries are answered within 24 hours. For any question or help on Pageperi Facebook page Uploader, you can email us at